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  1. happy b-day brother!!! i missed this last year so i wanted to make sure that i got on to say it this year... i hope all is going well for you and that you have a fantastic b-day!!!
  2. sorry bud!!! happy belated bday!!! it's been a hectic year... i'm not on as much as i used to be... i hope you had an awesome b-day!!!
  3. You could of wished me a Happy B-day as well? (same day remember?)
  4. thanks bro!!! i hope all is well with you!!!
  5. Happy Bday Brother!

    Miz my online family!

    Can't stand some of the staff updates as well as this new black template and upgrades (can't search worth a sh1t)

    Stay true to the oldschool members brother!
  6. haha!!!
  7. Roar!
  8. Same to you bro, I will try to post more esp. after I have finished with the install on the compressor (c/w hard airlines) and then get on putting in my new motor...
  9. haven't seen ya post in a while bro... i hope all is well and that the holiday season is kind to you and your family...
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