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  1. what up man? long time no chit chat
  2. yep yep, sadly. it been real slow lately. work is kinda just trickling in. sucks bad. been looking around at other dealers but ya know that can be tough haha. so what company do you actually work for?
  3. NM. Busy, busy.... You still puttin it down for J wood?
  4. hey man whats up, havent seen you around much
  5. haha yeah i saw that. funny shit

  6. I had to put town over it, cause county wouldn't fit....

    U see my location?
  7. Hey man i like your avatar. Saw that on 287 the other day
  8. haha yep it started on the west side where i actualy work. good thing my box is on the southwest side. it was a red oak water transfer truck that went up, i'll have to post some pics
  9. No Work for You Tommorow...

    Your Shop is on fire...
  10. haha yep. o well. its the 2nd time ive been inked in 4 years so i guess im doin okay
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