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trying on some black to check for straightness

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08-21-2009, 07:33 PM
Bandit Reborn
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  1. GatorSS
    Quite a project there. Brings back memories of the 1980 TA I drove in high school. I'd love to find one just like it and upgrade it with an LS1 and other modern technology.
  2. blackout5.3
    the project has been a lot of fun, i cant wait till its done seems like its been going on forever
  3. qwik219d9
    are those jack stands in the dirt or lawn?
  4. blackout5.3
    poor people has poor ways at times lol i had to improvise after i took the rear end out
  5. sjsingle1
    my son just discovered smokey and the bandit on dvd......sure wish i had a 78 black TA
  6. blackout5.3
    i think every 77-78 t/a behind the house in teh barn catches my eye anymore, i can keep an eye out for you on my travels
  7. nomolos1
    God bless you for giving new life to a classic. I wish there were more of you.
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