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  1. FRI-Sat, I dont think so for Sun
  2. its calling for rain this week end
  3. I will be there this Sunday for the Street Freaks, I am no where near the fastest one there but I sure as hell am going to try and qualify
  4. when ever u bring ur car up let me know ill come out and wach might run my now where near 9 im only runing mid 12s
  5. Well in the spring time I did, but since I have been going on work trips and what not I havent been there much. I am trying to go next weekend to make my 1st 9 sec pass and to show some guys that are interested in my car how it runs.
  6. do u ever go to the drag strip or car shows? i never seen ur car around
  7. yes like 10 min
  8. by any chance do u live in or near hagerstown?
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