I am looking at an 02 Z28 with a pretty reasonable price tag. However, the SES light is on and I've scanned the codes.
They are as follows... p0410, p0161, p0420, p0430. The AIR pump has been disconected and I know that would explain the p0410 code.
He also has put on a catless "Y" pipe and has installed sims on bank 1 and 2 sensors 2. and from the codes it doesn't look like the sims are working. Does anyone know what can and can't be tuned out of the ECM ? I live in NY and with an ECM throwing codes like that, there is no way I can get it inspected. I would love some input from you guys or even a conversation with Frost regarding this before I put the money down on a car that can't be inspected.

Thanks In Advanced