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This is a discussion on Vats? within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I'm just curious if HP Tuners is the only way to get the VATS off, and if so does it ...

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    I'm just curious if HP Tuners is the only way to get the VATS off, and if so does it really cost $100 to register my PCM everytime it's on a different computer? (What I've been told)

    It's an 02 LS1 in my BMW so although it'll fire up (which is awesome on open headers and MS3 cam) it shuts off after like 3 seconds. The car isn't even done yet but it'd be nice to drive it to the tune shop instead of towing it lol

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    The PCM is looking for a signal from the BCM. Obviously you don't have a BCM with your swap, but there are ways to simulate that signal. Its been a while, but I think I remember its a 55htz signal and there are little electronic boxes (that are used in the aftermarket for remote start systems) that simulate that signal and trick the PCM into thinking everything is ok. If you can find one, you can do that.
    Otherwise, yes HPtuners can turn off VATS. When you buy HPtuners, it comes with 8 credits and most cars take 2 credits if you wanna (license it)tune it. Once you license a VIN number, you can tune on it as many times as you want.

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    wow this is nice info about hp tuners. I really thinking about buying it so i can start learning.

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