Hey guys,
It is about time for me to get a tune for my 97 383 LT1 build. I have been talking to Vince at trifecta and the GT tuner or the software and cable option he has gives me the ability to data log the car after the initial tune so I can send him the log and have him revise the tune if needed. The questions I have are;
1. Has anyone used trifecta before and what was your experience?
2. Is the data log going to help dial in this tune?
3. Do I need a wide band to aid in dialing in the tune? If so which one for an off road Y?
4. How do you do a data log? in other words what do I need to do as far as type of driving while doing the data log?
5. There is probably more to this so I need your .02, but I am not comfortable putting my new engine build on an engine or chassis dyno right away. I will spend the money for that after it is broken in and has some miles under the belt in about 3+ months. I am also out of cash and fishing and diving season are approaching rapidly so I have to spend what I have left getting my boat ready to go for the season or my wife will kill me. She loves to be on the water.