I was taking a look on thunder racings website this evening and noticed a few things that caught my eye. First off, they offer up the GMPP LT4 Hotcam/1.6 rockers package and whatnot for my car, would this be a good modification for a stock engine with stock manifolds, a catback, and a cold air intake? As well, they also offer up a mail-order tune for my car as well, due to me being nowhere near any kind of dyno or shop with the capability of tuning my car, would that work for me do you think? How about the comp camps, 304 or 305 cams? I see they say the 304 works with stock tuning, however, it seems to me that the stock tuning would be a limiting factor and that there could/would be more power on tap through the use of a tune. And lastly, which of the three/four cams that I have listed would offer up the most audible difference in idle/'lopeyness'? Thanks in advance.

link to where I was looking: http://www.thunderracing.com/catalog...&vid=4&pcid=51