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TCS TEC throttle enhancer

This is a discussion on TCS TEC throttle enhancer within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; so is this thing worth a hundred bucks are some b.s. for suckers to buy?...

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    TCS TEC throttle enhancer

    so is this thing worth a hundred bucks are some b.s. for suckers to buy?

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    Can't see it being needed on an obd-II car.. A tuner can see right in front of him/her what the engine is doing and make appropriate changes IF needed.. That thing sounds like you'd have to guess there was a problem that it might/could fix.. I know nothing of the product in the link tho but it sounds like a gimick to me..
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    not quite a gimmic ...but pointless none the less....all it does is trick the pcm into pem mode..or power enrichment mode...the pcm goes into pem when it reads 100% throttle from the all this does is make it go pem at around 3 quarters throttle...not really worth it for our engines because 1. who the hell races at 3/4 throttle ? and 2. look back to number 1 ....also dont forget pem is basically dumping there goes your gas mileage if you are at 3/4 throttle...very easy to do with 98s

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    Technically speaking....there is a lot of BS in that advertisement. Power Enrichment is either on or off based on TPS and RPM. And across the RPM range, the TPS opening % is generally less then 70% to trigger Power Enrichment. The TPS only turns PE on or off, it doesn't change the "level" of PE.
    If you have "dead spots" in your TPS voltage, then you need a new TPS sensor.

    I see it as a 100% gimmick

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    That is crap! As said above, a stock tune brings in PE at 64% (0-2800RPM) 55% (3200RPM) 45% (3600RPM) 36% (4000RPM) and 26% (4400 RPM and up)... I can't believe an LS performance shop would even sell that to people... makes me question thier knowledge or integrity (one or the other is lacking)...

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