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SES: Codes 1133 and 1153

This is a discussion on SES: Codes 1133 and 1153 within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Here's what happened. 6 or so months ago I installed O2 sims on the rears because of a "catalyst ineffiency" ...

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    SES: Codes 1133 and 1153

    Here's what happened. 6 or so months ago I installed O2 sims on the rears because of a "catalyst ineffiency" code. Dealership and GM would not allow free replacement of converters because I had a K&N air filter that I put in about a year ago. They say that the oil used in the filter will contaminate the catalyst. After a lot of arguing on the phone with GM I gave up on them. That's why I installed the sims. Everything was fine until I gutted the cats the other day. Now I'm getting the 1133 and 1153 codes. "Fuel/air metering error". Can anyone help with solving this problem???


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    I would have complained to gm that if the oil in the air filter damaged the converter the maf should have gone out first. It sounds like a easy way out for them. I used to work for a chevy dealership and would see k&n air filters all the time. and not once did it ever void a warranty. I have replaced a converter on WS6 with a filter,lid and other things and no problems replacing converter. the dealership does not have to call gm for warranty repairs. the should have fixed it free of charge. just my 2 cents.

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    I agree. When I called GM, they read out a list of items that will void their warranty. An aftermarket, oiled air filter, was one of the items on their list. They could have made it up while I was on the phone with them. Who knows. What I do know is that I had a bad cat and GM would not authorize a replacement under warranty.

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    Go to a different dealer and put a paper filter in

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    1133 and 1153 are banks 1 and 2, sensor 1 (precat) 02 insufficient switching codes. Not sure if gutting the cats caused them, but sounds like it could have. Here's a couple possibilities out of the manual:

    "When 1133 & 1153 are set at the same time, it is a good indication that a fuel contamination condition is present."

    "An exhaust leak 6-12 inches away from the H02S..."

    "Certain RTV silicone gasket materials give off vapors..."

    "...advise customer to try different gas company."

    Don't know if this helps - just a couple ideas, of course they're assuming stock cats. I'd resolve the issue soon though since it's both front 02's.

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    Thanks for the reply. I've been reading on another site that this has happened to a few people after gutting cats or installing long tube headers. Some were able to fix it with Vette, rear 02's. It's said they run at a higher wattage and will allow the sensor to heat up properly. May have to try it.

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    NH Camaro Z28
    Actually, we've been having similar issues under a thread created by DiPeRRi 99 under SES problem. I have a code scanner and posted some freeze frame information. It seems as though we're all having the same issue.

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    Update: Swapped my rear O2's with the front O2's and has been working for 3 days now. SES light went out by itself and hasn't turned back on "yet". I guess it's possible that both front O2's went out at the same time after gutting the cats, but I don't know about that. I'll keep you posted if anything changes.

    Hey NH Camaro, have any of you tried the Vette "rear" O2's in the pre cat position??? I was told the Vette O2's run at a slighlty higher wattage and the leads are much longer. Good for Long tubes with no extension lead. Don't know if any of this is true, just what I read on another board.


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    NH Camaro Z28
    I've never tried the swap. I did find out from one of my technicians that the ground for the O2 sensors are through the threads themselves; therefore, if the threads aren't clean in the bung or the sensors, the light may come on. Hard saying not knowing.

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    Update: So far, NO SES light. May need to give it some more time.

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    im having the same problem i gutted my cats and about 2 days later my ses light came on the code that came up is p0161 02 sensor heater circuit malfunction bank 2 sensor 2 do u think the vette rear o2's will make the ses light go off or any other suggestions
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