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SES Code help

This is a discussion on SES Code help within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Ok, I went to Autozone and had my car scanned and I got a P0420 and a P0430. There causes ...

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    SES Code help

    Ok, I went to Autozone and had my car scanned and I got a P0420 and a P0430. There causes were very very vague... Anyone help me narrow this down? I don't have a tune, and still have my cats and 02 sensors. Its a 00 SS.... Thanks in advance

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    those are CAT inefficiency codes...

    you'll get those codes get those if you have high flow cats, and/or long tubes, or no cats at all and/or no rear O2 sensors...
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    First thing I would do is clear the codes and see if they come back. I just like to make doubley sure before I start buying parts

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    if you do indeed find that your cats are done they might still be under warranty depending on your mileage. GM extended the cat warranty on the 00-02 f-bodies to 10yr/120k miles. You can read about it in this 13 has the warranty info. You'll also most likely have to get the dealership to look it up so go in with as much info as possible. It's not common knowledge at the dealerships that the warranty was extended.
    P0430: 2nd Bank not efficient..could this be prob

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    So why do they throw codes if you have longtubes with high flow cats? I am having the p0420 code in bank 1. I thought cats were cats?! it filters the exhaust right? What can I do to fix the code? I have to get my emissions this month and stressing out!! I put the cats on in hopes I would be ok, But I guess ashton PUNKED me!! I got a 01 Camaro SS with a LS1

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