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Running very rich

This is a discussion on Running very rich within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Ok I just had got my new motor installed and had a 224/228 - 277/281 , .534 / .537 112 ...

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    Running very rich

    Ok I just had got my new motor installed and had a 224/228 - 277/281 ,
    .534 / .537 112 lobe comp cam installed, ported heads with 2.02 / 1.57 valves, longtubes, 92mm fast intake, 2800 stall, pro magnum rollers 1.75, no cats, air, egr and I've put a couple heat cycles on the motor but its running really rich? I have no codes being displayed....I need to get this thing going but I believe I have a slight smell of gass in the oil.....would this be a tuning problem or if my pcv system was kinked could this expose my oil to gas?

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    check the rpm "window" for the cam. if you have a choppy idle and no cats your probably gonna smell a little gas. a tune would probably help little, and you would pick up a little more power there.

    try reving up to around 2.5k and see if the smell goes away.

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    Post the base file that you are using to get started with.

    If you are running a stock file, we're gonna say "DUH! of course it's rich" and it needs some tuning.

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