So this code came up today on 1998 Trans Am. The car cranks and doesnt start UNLESS I hold the gas pedal down a little bit. After I get it started it wont idle until after a few minutes of holding the gas pedal down a little and it warms up a tad. I can drive it and it performs flawless after it warms up. No problems at red lights, no power loss, no issues except for the light being on. My question is, if the sensor is bad, will the car still run and perform this way, or do you guys think I have a wiring issue? I havent removed the intake in over 8 years so i didnt damage or pinch the wires. I reached behind the manifold and made sure the connection was tight and all was well. My problem is I really dont wanna remove the manifold just to replace this and find out something else is the issue. Thanks in advance for your help.