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OBD ll system not ready, ? drive cycle

This is a discussion on OBD ll system not ready, ? drive cycle within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; What's up. Last October my battery completely died (had to use my key to get in,no alarm either) . I ...

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    OBD ll system not ready, ? drive cycle

    What's up. Last October my battery completely died (had to use my key to get in,no alarm either) . I put in a red top Optima then stored my car for the winter. I took my battery out again last month for a coolant flush. Anyway, I failed my inspection due to the 02 sensor heater and the catylist monitor systems where not ready. I completely forgot about disconnecting my battery and all that so I felt like an ass. But I do have 02 sims in the rear and no cats if that matters. I've driven 230 miles of mixed highway and city traffic, mostly highway, with trips no less than 15 miles and those two systems still aren't complete. When and how will they be completed? And as far as the drive cycle, on a cold start my car really doesn't like it when I turn on the a/c and defrost. I have to give it gas for a few seconds (stroker) longer than usual. Is that OK or should I just start it, turn everything on, don't touch anything, and hope it doesn't stall? Also the slowing down from 55 to 20. I have an M6 and 4:10's. 55 is 3,000 rpm in 4th and 2 and change in 5th. I tried slowing down to 20mph in 5th but my car really didn't like that either. The drive cycle instructions say not to touch anything when you decelerate, but my car was bucking and banging and it didn't sound too good for the driveline. Please help me because I feel like a big jerkoff.

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    your system should go back to ready status after 2-3 days of normal driving but it sounds like you are having several other small problems that might be keeping the computer from (relearning) and the motor from running right. without being there to look at it i can only make a few suggestions. (1) check to be sure ALL vacume lines are hookedup right with no leaks or cracks (2) check all of your plugs for odd burning and correct gap and good spark (3) check fuel pressure and all injectors

    I hope I helped some, good man!

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    here's how to do a complete driving cycle:

    and it also states there:

    "If the catalyst is marginal or the battery has been disconnected, it may take 5 complete driving cycles to determine the state of the catalyst."
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