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Newbie Question About Tunes, check it!

This is a discussion on Newbie Question About Tunes, check it! within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; When I bought my car about 3 months ago from a dealer, I met with the previous owner of the ...

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    Newbie Question About Tunes, check it!

    When I bought my car about 3 months ago from a dealer, I met with the previous owner of the car who traded it in. After giving me the lowdown on the car for reassurance with the purchase, he told me the car was tuned by "Frost" on ls1tech at lsxtune in VA. The car was supposedly specifically tuned for "reliability", so I'm guessing on a very conservative set up. What does this mean exactly? Does that mean the car is running rich, pulled timing, and is leaving power on the table in exchange for longevity? Does that explain the lower than average gas mileage I'm getting normally mixed and in city? I have no problem pulling off 25-28mpg on all highway driving, but it drops to 14-18mpg if I'm lucky (when actually driving for gas mileage) once it's 50/50 city and highway give or take, and I'm wondering if it's because that's the way it's tuned. The car has been given thorough tuneup, including: newer o2 sensors, air filter, seafoam treatment, spark plugs, oil change, newer pcv valve, fuel filter, etc. I'm told that if I "lean it out", I can extract some more power and better fuel economy by doing so, but if that would jeapordize reliability by doing so, I'd rather leave it the way it is since the car is a daily driver and I'm a poor college student (for now). Thanks in advance people.

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    same rely from the other board you posted on:

    Wow was that Jason's old car (he used to live in VA Beach, moved to LA)... ?

    He never knew what cam was in it, though I suspect it was a gm hotcam.

    He had initially wanted the car to be good "all around" and said it may see some type of auto-x or road racing (though it never did AFAIK) so WOT is about 12.6ish:1 rather than the more common 12.8-13ish. Timing is not on the edge at WOT to help compensate for rising cylinder temps that could be encountered during such racing as well.

    City driving is more about driving style for mileage; understanding DFCO and how to make it go into DFCO usually yields good results.

    You can't really "lean it out" for normal driving around since it is in closed loop and doing the fuel trimming itself. I don't recommend open loop for most daily driven cars.

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