If you have any questions about our product feel free to post here or on our forum and I'll be more than happy to answer.

Our Ford product is laid out very similar to our GM software so once you get used to GM its very similar to move over to ford(as close as we could get at least), our Ford scanner to my and many customers dismay has been a bit lacking in that we currently only offer SAE pid's & none of Fords enhanced PID's which is something we hope to have in beta over the next few weeks. We are also working diligently on our Dodge/Chrysler software. All of which will be able to use the same interface. SCT & Diablo necessitate you to purchase multiple cables which you can resell to your customers along with the tune whereas our software does not keeping your customers costs down & your profits higher since its only the tuning labor rather than tuning labor + trying to add cushion to a hardware piece you must sell.

Anyways let me know...I'll be here.