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MS3 LS1 tune on a 5.3L MS3 engine

This is a discussion on MS3 LS1 tune on a 5.3L MS3 engine within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; My Z28 had a magic stick 3 cam (114 LSA) installed and tuned before It decided it didn't like a ...

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    MS3 LS1 tune on a 5.3L MS3 engine

    My Z28 had a magic stick 3 cam (114 LSA) installed and tuned before It decided it didn't like a downshift at 80 MPH to second gear (long story). It's got a Moser 9 with 4.11's 3600 stall headers true duals 42# injectors etc etc and was tuned with all the above. I'm tired of seeing the car sitting (4 years) now because of not having the time or money to build something to go in it. However in a deal to square away some money owed me I recieved a compete 5.3L engine from a truck. I also have a bare LQ9. I initally planned on using the 5.3L guts to build the 6.0 block but came to my senses after pricing what it will cost to rebalance/build I'm just going to install the 5.3L as is in the camaro until I can complete my 408 plans with the LQ9. My question is if I put the Magic stick in the 5.3L is that cam too big for that motor? I know I'll have to get it retuned anyway seeing how I'll only have an LS1 intake vs the LS6 I had and 5.3L instead of 5.7L. Secondly if I don't install the MS3 in the 5.3L how will it affect the initial driveability of the 5.3? Will it dump too much gas running the risk of washing the bearings. I'll get it tuned one way or the other but want to know if it will be safe to drive beforehand? Not really worried about timeslips, just something still fun to drive (I think the 3600 stall and 4.11's will make up for some of the HP fun).
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    I'd definately get the thing tuned and dialed in.

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