Hey everyone! I have a 1995 Nissan 240SX swapped with a LS1/T56 from a 2000 Camaro SS. The mods done on the engine is a Texas Speed 228R, PAC Valve Springs and Comp Cams Hardened Push Rods, and a Wiring Specialties LS1 to S14 240SX harness. When the engine was swapped it was initially tuned with HPTuners just to move in and around of the garage because it was not road ready at the time. I eventually ran into low oil pressure problems (faulty oil pump, oil pump pickup tube sitting too low in sump and o-ring not seating correctly into oil pump) and sent it to a shop to have that sorted out, along with a few other odds and ends like custom brackets and such. With the oil pressure issues sorted out, it got sent out to tuning and they ran into an issue where the Bank 2 O2 was not reading correctly (Bosch O2), they replaced the O2 and it still wasn't reading correct values so it was dumping 40% extra fuel into Bank 2. They believe there is an issue with the continuity in the wiring for Bank 2 O2, coil packs, or injectors.
Any and all input is appreciated!