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I need help picking a tuner

This is a discussion on I need help picking a tuner within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have a 1998 z28 I have a k&n air filter,long tube headers,Flowmaster,recently bought a ultra Z Hood now I'm ...

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    I need help picking a tuner

    I have a 1998 z28 I have a k&n air filter,long tube headers,Flowmaster,recently bought a ultra Z Hood now I'm looking to buy a performance chip for it. I don't know what brand to buy or anything about them.Can someone help me and tell me if it really does give u horse power. thanks

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    You are going to waste your money buying a performance chip. /End thread

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    Honest advice: First, ditch the K&N filter as it allows way too much dirt to pass into your engine. Also, it can oil down the MAF's sensor wires thereby insulating them and throwing off its calibration. A paper filter or nano filter -- like the Amsoil Ea filter is the way to go. As for a tune, you can not beat Frost's mail order tuning service, especially for bolt on cars. Reasonably priced, fast turnaround and you will notice a difference in how your car runs and drives. Hit the sponsor link at the top of the page to see his site. A chip simply fools the PCM by altering the sensor input -- not the way to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 95cam86roc View Post
    You are going to waste your money buying a performance chip. /End thread
    you've been a lot of help.......

    OP....having 98's we're in a spot for tuning really. Not many handhelds available out there and handhelds in general produce very limited results. Our cars don't use a "chip" so to speak like the older obd1 cars did. The "chips" you see now are just IAT trickers and not really tuning the car as much as just fooling it. Like Jeff can't go wrong really with a Frost mail order for $150. You ship him your pcm and he'll send it back tuned to your specifications. His turn around time is same day pretty much so you're just looking at shipping time.
    I go against common thinking on the K&N filter. I've ran one in mine for 70k miles with no issues. Just add cleaning the MAF yearly to your list of maintenance items and you'll be fine. That MAF should be cleaned yearly no matter what filter you run really. Most people will tell you not to run the K&N but I can only tell you my experience and it's been fine since buying the car in 99.
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    Jeff and Orion pretty much summed it up. If you plan any other mods, ie. cam, intake, heads, ect., I'd hold off on the tune until after doing them.

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