Just wondering if anyone out there has seen or heard of this problem with the hypertech. A guy I met Friday night said he had the Programmer for the 96 LT1/LT4 (which is what i need) said he didnt need it and would sell it to me for $50. so i went to his house earlier this evening to make sure everything was ok with the tuner. Plugged it in and turned it on. my VIN cleared everything looked fine. went thru the basic tune to make sure it would work like he agreed to. went thru the process and it made it to 100%. went to verify, and it had a problem. so we unhooked and i cranked the car to make sure everything was ok . car ran like normal. we tried it again and said it couldnt write to my computer because of an old chip. so i was thinking someone already put one on my car. so we took it back to his car to make sure that was the case. he hooked it to his car and his VIN cleared just like mine did and he put the basic tune on his car and it started at 50% and said it couldnt write to his VCM. tried it once more same thing. so he unhooked it from his computer and tried to crank his car and it would turn over but wouldnt fire. and the tuner everytime we tried to rewrite his computer did the same 50% to cant write to VCM. and his car still wont crank. just wondering if something with the tuner went wrong or what might have happened. sorry for the long post but not easy to get answers on vague info. any help is appreciated.