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HPTuners announces Real Time Tuning and Black Box Logging with latest release

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    HPTuners announces Real Time Tuning and Black Box Logging with latest release

    Taken from the HPTuners website...
    HP Tuners unleashes more tuning features on the GM tuning world, with VCM Suite 2.1.12 bringing MPVI Pro Standalone Data Logging, Real Time Tuning (RTT™) for the LS1, 2.5bar Speed Density tuning for the GenIV V8, a host of new vehicle support and increased parameters for selected vehicles.

    Below are the major new features in v2.1.12:

    MPVI Pro Standalone Data Logging *
    LS1 Real Time Tuning (99+)
    2.5bar Speed Density tuning for the GenIV V8 (E40 ECM)
    Increased V6 engine and transmission parameters
    Increased transmission parameters for LS2 A4 vehicles
    LS2 SD transmission full line pressure fixups

    MPVI Pro Standalone Data Logging

    Standalone Data Logging is here! MPVI Pro customers can now enjoy the ability to scan their VCM without the PC in the vehicle. The process is as simple as downloading your scanner configuration to the MPVI Pro, connecting to the vehicle (without the PC), recording some data and then uploading back to the PC to view. Ideal for racing applications where regulations prohibit laptop computers inside the vehicle or off-road racing where vibration or shock hazards exist.

    The standalone data logging feature has the following capabilities:

    record, stop and erase capability on the MPVI Pro
    approximately 80 minutes of data (depending on vehicle type and data selected)
    up to 32 individual logs can be stored
    marker insertion capability
    analog input data stored (eg. Wideband O2 inputs)
    storage low warning indication
    high speed USB 2.0 data upload
    ability to name individual files on upload
    uploaded files are saved as regular VCM Scanner (.hpt) format
    troubleshooting and error indications

    Real Time Tuning (RTT™) for LS1 engines

    HP Tuners delivers another first to the LS1 tuning community with software based Real Time Tuning using the stock PCM! No need to go back to the days of removing PCM's or buying expensive additional hardware. Simply update to the latest RTT-enabled PCM enhancement from HP Tuners and start real time tuning! If you are already a HP Tuners customer running an HP Tuners 1,2 or 3 bar Speed Density enhancement, Real Time Tuning is a FREE upgrade!!! For those not running Speed Density enhancements, RTT™ only enhancements are available at just 1 credit ($49.99) for a single vehicle! Tune your VE, MAF, spark table or idle in real time using your stock PCM via the existing OBD2 port!

    RTT™ is an enhanced operating system that allows real time modification of selected parameters in the PCM's calibration. Parameters are updated via customized OBD2 commands in real time using the existing OBD2 port. No need to remove the PCM or run any separate cabling. The user can select various operation "modes" that defines which tables are enabled for RTT™. The RTT™ system is primarily controlled by VCM Scanner and, when enabled, tables can be modified in real time via the integrated RTT™ user interface. After tuning is complete, the final tune can be written to the PCM and stored permanently using regular editor processes.

    2.5 bar Speed Density tuning for GenIV V8 (E40 ECM)

    HP Tuners brings speed density forced induction tuning to the GenIV engine! Announcing, 2.5 bar Speed Density enhancement for GenIV engines equipped with the E40 ECM. This enhancement is a must for any serious forced induction setup, leveraging the proven track record, experience and features of HP Tuners 2 and 3bar enhancements for the LS1.

    This enhancement contains the following features:
    2 bar or 3 bar MAP sensor support (calibration capability for GM 0-5V linear MAP sensors)
    New Boost VE table from 105 kPa to 255 kPa (2.5 bar or 22.5 psi boost)
    Retains stock VE table resolution in non-boost regions
    better than 5 kPa resolution in boost regions (105 kPa - 255 kPa)
    New MAP referenced "Boost Enrich" table in 5 kPa increments
    New Boost Enrich MAP threshold
    Speed Density mode only
    Rescaled fan temperature axis 163-250F (73-121C), stock is 192-250F (89-121C)
    VCM Scanner histogram for Boost VE table included in histogram library
    Can be used in non-boosted applications as well.
    Check out their website for more details...

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    I looove HPTuners
    Running on E85

    Twin Turbo Project Started

    Hello from Sweden.

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    Thanks. MNR-O. I dont know why I didnt post that in here Ill be ordering my maf os for RTT soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Runn_WS7 View Post
    I looove HPTuners

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    now for the next release.

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