Hi guys I've got an 02 camaro with an ls6 crate motor swap in it with the stock stalled a4 behind it and originally when I swapped the motor in I was getting some misfire codes at hwy cruising speed (over 1500 rpm). I did a case relearn and it all seemed to go away, the motor never actually felt like it had a misfire during any of this but according to the misfire counters I was getting 20-30 misfires on 4 cylinders.
Fast forward one month later to today and I am getting the same blinking ses light on the hwy but it now comes on at 2500 I dont normally spin the motor this high so I dont know if it was there before. I could also make the ses blink if I stayed at 2500 rpm in park. When I got home from work today I plugged in the vcm scanner and watched the LTFT's and misfire counts. However this time the ses light would not blink and the misfire counters on all cylinders were at 0 with the exception of 7 and 8 which had 1 or 2 misfire counts. The ltft's were also either slightly in the negative or at 0 on bank 1. While the car was "misfiring" today though I did get a chance to plug in my handheld scanner and once again my ltft's were slightly negative or 0 and the rpms while cruising on the hwy were at 2490 rpm +/- 10rpm so I wouldnt call that a misfire either.
Can someone point me in the right direction. Does the misfire sound false, and is there some other way I can check it before I deem it is false and alter the misfire tables?
Thanks Dan