Ok guys i have a couple of questions. Before I became a member to this site. I had purchased an Superchips Cortex programmer. Had it for a few months before I decided to installed it on my car. Alot of people on here said that i needed to just have it tuned. I decided to go ahead and try in since i had already purchased it. I set it on advanced tune set the shift points and shift pressures to the Superchips pre programmed tune. I ran the car before and after I played with the programmer. After tune I could tell a heck of a difference sitting in the seat. The car is bone stock. How is the pro tune different from the hand helds ( response wise )? I am fixing to purchase a 3000~3500 stall to install, I have been told that the LS1's respond great with a bigger convertor.
Will the bigger convertor require a custom tune?