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Finding GM PIDs

This is a discussion on Finding GM PIDs within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; hello. I am setting up a bluetooth scan device to pair with my cell phone so that I can use ...

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    Finding GM PIDs

    hello. I am setting up a bluetooth scan device to pair with my cell phone so that I can use the phone as secondary gauges and for troubleshooting. The software i installed has a list of GM extended PID's along with the ability to add more if i have the relevant hex data and formulas etc.

    I haven't had much luck in finding a complete list of the GM OBD II PIDs and was wondering if anyone here had them. I don't need any kind of uploadable data as i don't mind programming it into the phone manually. In fact if i'm lucky the PID list is already complete and i'm not missing anything! I know for a fact it already has Knock retard, Knock retard alternative and knock sensor active counter. as well as a bunch of other extended PID's for GM. Again. i'm looking for the list more to make sure i have everything.

    If no such list is readily available perhaps simply a listing of what readouts i should be able to access?

    Thank you

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    here's a list of all the stuff you can read on a GM Tech 2 scan tool

    A/C High Side Pressure
    A/C High Side Pressure
    A/C Relay Command
    A/C Request
    A/C Status
    Actual EGR Position
    AIR Pump Relay
    AIR Solenoid
    Air Fuel Ratio
    CAM Signal Input High to Low
    CAM Signal Input Low to High
    Clutch Pedal Position Switch
    Cold Startup
    Commanded EGR
    Cruise Requested
    Cruise Control Inhibit
    Current Gear
    Cycles of Misfire Data
    Cylinder Mode Misfire Index
    DTC Set This Ignition
    Desired IAC Airflow
    Desired EGR Position
    Desired Idle Speed
    EGR Closed Pintle Position
    EGR Pintle Position
    Engine Load
    Engine Run Time
    Engine Speed
    EVAP Canister Purge
    EVAP Canister Vent Valve
    Fail Counter
    Failures Since First Fail
    FC Relay 1
    FC Relay 2 and 3
    FT Diag. Inhibit
    Fuel Gauge Control
    Fuel Level Sensor
    Fuel Tank Level Remaining
    Fuel Tank Level Remaining
    Fuel Tank Pressure
    Fuel Tank Pressure
    Fuel Tank Rated Capacity
    Fuel Trim Cell
    Fuel Trim Learn
    Generator L Terminal
    HO2S Bank 1 Sensor 1
    HO2S Bank 1 Sensor 2
    HO2S Bank 2 Sensor 1
    HO2S Bank 2 Sensor 2
    IAC Position
    IC Circuit Cylinder 1-8
    Ignition 1
    Inj. PWM Average Bank 1
    Inj. PWM Average Bank 2
    Knock Retard
    Long Term FT 1 Average
    Long Term FT 2 Average
    Long Term FT Bank 1
    Long Term FT Bank 2
    Loop Status
    Low Oil Lamp
    Low Oil Level
    MAF Frequency
    Mileage Since DTC Cleared
    Mileage Since First Failure
    Mileage Since Last Failure
    Mileage Since MIL Request
    Misfire Current #1-#8
    Misfire History #1-#8
    Misfiring Cylinder
    Misfire Revolution Status
    Not Run Counter
    PCM Reset
    PNP (A/T only)
    Reverse Inhibit (M/T only)
    Revolutions With Misfire
    SHRT FT Average 1
    SHRT FT Average 2
    Short Term FT Bank 1
    Short Term FT Bank 2
    Skip Shift Lamp (M/T only)
    Skip Shift Solenoid (M/T only)
    Start Up ECT
    TCC Brake Switch
    TCC Duty Cycle
    TCC Enable Sol.
    Total Misfire Current Count
    Total Misfire Failures Since First Fail
    Total Misfire Passes Since First Fail
    TP Sensor
    TP Angle
    Traction Control
    Transmission OSS
    Transmission Range
    Vehicle Speed
    VTD Fuel Disable
    Warm-Ups w/o Emission Faults
    Warm-Ups w/o Non-Emission Faults

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    yay! excellent! i'll have to compare and see how complete my list is. at least it narrows down what i might have to look for!

    Thank you very very much!

    on a side note it would seem as though i have a decent number of these. I can spot a few right off the bat that i know don't exist currently in my software. I'll need to compile a complete list and let the hunt begin!
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