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couple ?s on tuning

This is a discussion on couple ?s on tuning within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I believe my car needs to be retuned w/ an expert after the initial mild cam tune w/ a beginner. ...

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    couple ?s on tuning

    I believe my car needs to be retuned w/ an expert after the initial mild cam tune w/ a beginner.

    ?1.exhaust smells like gasoline even when engine is warmed up really smells when cold start up. car has no cats. will it still smell w/ expert tune and no cats?

    ? much time doe's it nomally take to expertly tune?

    I've read that if a dyno is used then all is needed is 3 pulls are these done one directly after the other?

    ?3.after peliminary changes doe's the car have to completely cold down before the refinment tuning? I'm thinking this cool down is what adds to the overal tune time?

    ?4.have been told that wide open throttle is the easiest part of tuning?


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    1. it'll always smell different without cats. But the fuel smell shouldn't be too overwhelming strong. Best way to know if its ok is to install a wideband O2 sensor and gauge to monitor it.

    2. Time depends on tuners experience. if you're getting a dyno tune, then they'll make a pull, make changes to the tune, make another pull, make changes, repeat etc until its perfect.

    3. I have no clue. I think most tuning is done fully warmed up. If you have a cold start, idle, or running problem then I suppose that could take more time to let it cool down, data log, and tune.

    4. yeah probablly...

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    Youre gonna need a wideband to get tuned. If you dont have one some will just weld the bung in and use their guage then put a plug in the exhaust when done. Its always gonna smell but shouldnt smell like gas. A street tune is usually good to get the basic kinks worked out and for more of a real world tune. A dyno provides very little resistence so the engine is not put under a load. Then stick the car on a dyno to give some tweaks since you can see the graph and how the power curve is.

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