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Computer illiterate and tuning.

This is a discussion on Computer illiterate and tuning. within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Ok people, the nearest tuner to me is over 400 miles away, so just going to get a tune is ...

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    Computer illiterate and tuning.

    Ok people, the nearest tuner to me is over 400 miles away, so just going to get a tune is kinda out of the question. I can point and click on a computer, but I don't know how to copy and paste a link into this post. Would it be a wise idea for me to get, say HP tuners, and try to tune myself or try to get it worked out through the mail. I know that could take many times and still never get it right. Man, I can change my heads and cam in about 7 hrs, but this tuning stuff just worries me to no end. Give me your opinions pleas
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    with no more computer skills than that I'm not sure I would recommend tackling an editor unless you first take some computer courses or something to get comfortable with the computer. Not a whole ton of computer knowledge really needed past elementary stuff but not knowing how to copy/paste and things like that will really hurt you. You're also going to have a tough time nailing a heads/cam car down through the mail. It can probably be done but I doubt it'll be optimal. Maybe frost will post up with his thoughts.
    I would probably make the 400 mile trip myself.

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    Im Very computer literate and i have a heck of a time with HPtuners lol

    I would look more into the mail order tunes
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    I think alot of people make too much of tuning. Its really all about air, fuel, spark, as always. The trick is to identify the correct table that you need to address for a specific want, like more timing. Well, there is a timing table that stands right out to you in these tuners, even though I have only used LS1_Edit. You tackle one aspect at a time and make small changes,,, then put that new tune onto your PCM and take a test drive. Of course, you need a data logger to judge the true effect of your latest change. All in all, you have to use common sense in tuning your engine.
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    Call Allan at Futral Motorsports! Phone: (225) 791-9593. Allan did the original tune, via a phone call and mail. You tell Allan what you have and he will program it to perfection. Allan is an awesome guy, and easy to talk to. Give him a call!

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    Even with computer literate users.. tuning def has its own science.. so you'll need to research your ass off and take baby steps so you don't blow your chit up.

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