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Completeing System Monitors...Help

This is a discussion on Completeing System Monitors...Help within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have been trying to complete the system monitors for a few weeks now and still have 3 left. When ...

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    Completeing System Monitors...Help

    I have been trying to complete the system monitors for a few weeks now and still have 3 left. When i reset the monitors cuz of a pending PCM code, it poped back up before all the monitors could complete. The Code had to do with a bank 1 sensor 1 so i replaced the generic O2 with a AC Delco, and seems to be working great and the mil light has turned off. But when i scanned it with Autotap it shows the history P014?? and the Anti Theft Code. At the top it tells you what code is causing the Mil Light to turn on P014??, but the light is not on. Could this be preventing me from completeing the final monitors.

    EGR System Monitor
    Secondary Air System Monitor
    EVAP System Monitor

    I know i can smog it if i have 2 incomplete monitors but none seem to be completing...running out of time.

    Also at idle i notice that the TPS says its open 0.4% shouldn't this be 0%. I was going to adjust the idle screw to get 0.0%

    Any help would be great.

    Thanks In advance!
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    Don't monitors do you mean readiness tests not complete? Shouldn't take that long - P0140 and P0141 are bank 1, sensor 2 codes. No emissions here but thought they only checked for current codes...sorry not much help...someone will chime in.

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