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Can i tune these out?

This is a discussion on Can i tune these out? within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I run 275/60 15 rears and 165/80 15 fronts. They set off my ABS and Brake lights. Im assuming this ...

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    Can i tune these out?

    I run 275/60 15 rears and 165/80 15 fronts. They set off my ABS and Brake lights. Im assuming this is because the abs wheel speed sensors are seeing such different speeds (fast in the front cuz of the smaller tires and slower in the back) I have HPT and did correct the speedo for the rear tire size but id like to get rid of those lights

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    I believe the margin for error that th computer can correct for is +-10%. You're about 28 in back and a hair over 25 in front, so you're close. You can't correct for it in HPTuners or any other software afaik, but you may be able to turn off the lights. You need about 26" in front to keep the ABS/TCS functional with your rear. 205/70-15 would get you there, but you'd need a wider rim, or you could go to a 275/50-15 in back and keep your lighter 165's in front.

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