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Bouncing off the rev limiter

This is a discussion on Bouncing off the rev limiter within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Okay so i put a 3500 stall and a shift kit and they said they put a re-programmer in it ...

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    Bouncing off the rev limiter

    Okay so i put a 3500 stall and a shift kit and they said they put a re-programmer in it as well. So today i was getting a couple of wot runs and the thing wouldn't shift instead it would bounce a couple of times of the rev limiter. So what do i need to do on the diablo. I have my shift rpm at 5900 but it goes past it. Anyone

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    Are you leaving the shifter in drive or overdrive ?
    Not sure about the diablo, but my HP Tuners, you have to lower the MPH shift points a lot, to be able to shift by RPM...

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    Bills experience is much like I have seen on HPtuner. I really haven't fully grasped the idea completely on how or why it works that way, but I kept playing with MPH and RPM points until I was happy and quit trying to understand why or how.

    It would be nice if you could simply work from RPM only,,and take the MPH out of the equation. I know people do it with HPtuner software, and it takes alot of track time to get it right.

    On a handheld such as yours I would guess that it's as simple as bumping shiftpoints up and down right??? I mean thats the appeal of handhelds,,,,,simplicity..

    Sounds as though the looser converter is allowing the motor to blow past the shiftpoints,,,a common problem I have heard with aftermarket converters. Just lower them a little at a time..

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