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Adjusting shift parameters with Predator Tuner

This is a discussion on Adjusting shift parameters with Predator Tuner within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I recently installed the Diablo Sport performance tune on my basically stock 2000 Z28 A4. I noticed an immediate improvement ...

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    Adjusting shift parameters with Predator Tuner

    I recently installed the Diablo Sport performance tune on my basically stock 2000 Z28 A4. I noticed an immediate improvement in performance and shift firmness. However, the manual lists shift pressure/timing and torque management as adjustable parameters. Unfortunately, it doesn't elaborate on either. I have searched on google and in Predator forums regarding both and I have come up with two conflicting points of view, both of which seem logical. On one hand people seem to think that increasing shift pressure and eliminating torque management actually improves the life of the transmission by reducing slippage and as a direct result temperature. The opposing view is that the increase in shift pressure and disabling the TM causes shifts to be much harder and therefore causes premature wear on the drive train. I would imagine the answer lies somewhere in between but I was hoping someone might have first hand experience and/or an understanding of exactly how adjusting each parameter will affect drive train longevity etc... I'm hoping the tune sets the shifts somewhat soft to maintain comfortable drivability but I really don't mind a hard shift and I would like to get it as firm as possible without causing premature drive train wear. Sorry for the novel and my ignorance on the subject and thanks in advance for any help. ~Mark

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    Well here's one school of thought on Torque Management. Back in the 80's and 90's, a ton of 700R4s and 4L60e's were being rebuilt at dealerships and independent shops. The number of rebuilds seems to have dropped of quite a bit more recently.
    So the question is, are these transmission built that much better these days? Well, yes there have been some good updates, but overall the quality is basic design is exactly the same.
    So what the next question is, why are these transmissions lastly better now? The answer is Torque Management. AND in particular more recently, electronic throttle bodies. With electronic throttle bodies, the programmer can reduce the engine power very easily during shifts or any other conditions GM determines to be somewhat abusive to the trans.
    Shifting the transmission with less load will make it last longer.
    But in the same respect, if you can get a quick, firm shift, that'll will also reduce slippage and make the trans clutches last longer.

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    the torque management and shift speed are already adjusted in the tune, to where you'd want them, so no need to mess with those...

    the pressure you can play around with - adjust it to what feels good to you... won't hurt anything...
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    i played with these settings in my formula, and yes, paired with a poly trans mount, i definately felt a change for the better...i could get sideways in 2nd if conditions were right....but i often wondered as well if i was damaging the trans. Guess ill need to ask whoever stole the car 2 yrs ago if the trans is still working, since it still has the tune on it.

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    I really appreciate all the feedback, I upped the shift pressure 15% and I'm extremely happy with the results, It barks the tires from 1-2 with no problem every time. Thanks again everyone ~Mark

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