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160 tstat

This is a discussion on 160 tstat within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by Frost I *NEVER* see them run that cool... You must be looking at the factory guage. I ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frost View Post
    I *NEVER* see them run that cool... You must be looking at the factory guage.

    I don't typically have fan 1 run before 185-187 even on 160-stat'd cars or many of them will end up running fan1 nearly all of the time. I don't use a canned number but rather log and see where the engine is operating at cruise (when fans aren't needed) and kind of go from there on fan numbers.
    You are correct about fan 1 running all the time unless set at the correct temp. On my 98 Camaro I tested the temp at freeway speed with ambient temps in the 80s. I determined that it would get up to about 181-183 with fan off. I wanted to keep the temps as low as possible but yet not have the fan run continuously until needed. I then set fan 1 to come on at 191 and turn off at 184. This kept the fan off as long as the car was moving. Only time it came on was in traffic.

    Probably need to test as I did with each individual cars temperature if you desire optimum fan setting. For a normal tune might want to set the fan even slightly higher than I did if you want to insure the fan isn't running continuously.

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    If you read the specs on the blueprint for the stock LS1 thermostat is says that it starts to open at 186*F and is fully open at 212*F

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