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02 sensers

This is a discussion on 02 sensers within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; What are the best 02 sensers period. do race gas mess up the 02s....

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    Talking 02 sensers

    What are the best 02 sensers period. do race gas mess up the 02s.

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    Everyone has there own opinions. Personaly i have had Great luck with Bosche in the SS. While spraying and running High octane.
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    I run the 100 unleaded race fuel, but I here the higher leaded race fuels are bad for them... I have run higher ( 116 octane ) because that's all the track had at the time, with no problems, but did go right back to the unleaded.... I'm 14:1 CR, and 100 is OK !!!

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    My customers seem to have their narrowbands wiped out really quickly with leaded race fuel. Many many times with just one use (fill). I have lost all of my narrowbands and wideband on my own turbo car several times with leaded fuel. For wideband sensors, the NTK sensor seems to work and live well with lead but the bosch sensors in found in most consumer widebands just take leaded fuel.

    One thing that seems to help... when they act dead, pull them out and heat the tips with a torch until they glow. This seems to help clean them out in some cases.

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