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Will a rear end without traction control work on my car?

This is a discussion on Will a rear end without traction control work on my car? within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have a 2000 SS with traction control. I might buy a 12 bolt moser out of a 1998 SS ...

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    Will a rear end without traction control work on my car?

    I have a 2000 SS with traction control. I might buy a 12 bolt moser out of a 1998 SS that has no traction control. Are they compatible? Or what mods do I need to make? I dont really care for traction control so someone please let me know.

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    the rear will go right in. you won't have traction control anymore and possibly not ABS either.
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    Neither one of your ABS or traction control will work, but yes the rear will physically work.

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    Can you just press the reluctors onto that rear?

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    Yes you can get them on to the axles but the rear end housing does not have the provisions for the sensors.

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    The diff will fit right in. Obviously you TC will not. LS1Kid, all of the 4th Gen F-Bodies have ABS. He will be able to hook up his plugs up tp the 98s rear.

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    It depends on where/if the 12 bolt was set up for the sensors. If it is set up for a three chanel, which it sounds like it is, neither of his traction control or his ABS will not work. If it is set up for a four chanel then his stuff would work. And if it has no sensor holes then none of his stuff will work either.

    three chanel=abs only (1 sensor on top of the pumpkin)
    four chanel=traction control and abs (2 sensors, one on top of each axle tube just inboard of the backing plates)

    The reluctor ring/rings are in different spots on the 3 and 4 chanel set ups.

    Charlie, you need to find out if the 12 bolt is set up for 3 or 4 chanel. If you have traction control and abs you need a 4 chanel rear end for all of your stuff to work. A 3/no chanel set up will physically work in you car but your traction control and abs will not work.

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