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In my last car I wish I never did em, and did not do them in my current one. On the street they are awesome, but at the track they are horrible to launch. I ran Nitto drags and could not hook up for shit. They would spin all the way through third if you didn't pedal it. On F1's I could spin all the way through 4th. I broke 3 sets of gears on the Nittos so obviously could not run an ET street or even a BFG drag radial. My buddies with similar mods and stock gears consisently ran quicker at the track. I learned an important lesson. Don't do 4:10's in a 10 bolt.
Well I've never been to a track, but i figured i'd ask. I think they'll be fine for street use because I hardly ever street race either and it would usually be from a roll anyways. I wish I could get the 12 bolt but I can't afford to spend $2000 just so that I have a rear end that wont break.