Hey I was thinking about buying the thunder racing rear end package. The sad thing is just the gears and install kit are almost the same price as the entire package. I already have a girdle. So i was thinking about getting someone that wanted the girdle to send $110 and they get a brand new $154 thunder racing girdle for $110. The $110 includes shipping the girdle to you after i get it! Would anyone be interested? I am a verified premier paypal user and have sold many things on the clubgp site and naioa.com back when I had the impala ss early this year and last year. Screen name is the same on all sites I am a member of clubgp, naioa, ls1tech, fbody, newimpala, dfwstangs, 3.8mustang, and so on. I am also registered on ebay as a seller so if you feel more comfortable i could list it in ebay with a buy it now for $5.00 more if it you would make you more comfortable.

If this breaks the rules I am terrible sorry and in no way meant to. Was just trying to find someone to go in on a deal with me so that the 2 of us could get what we want for a better price!