I just bought a set of 4.10's and its nothing new to me, ive done the same mod in my other camaro's. Never really had this type of race or scenario to know whats the difference. How much faster would i be from 60-120 with 4.10's compared to the stock 3.42's, i know its hard to give an exact answer and i know gearing really helps out bottom end with good traction but then again with that comes a much higher chance of breaking stuff. I just thought lots of us dump money into this mod which is to me a very important mod, kinda wanted to get an idea as to how much faster your car gets.

Also wanted to know how much is labor cost to do my rear end swap going from 3.42's to 4.10's. At hoopers here in Sun Valley there prices have gone up alot since the last time ive done a rear end swap, is there another good shop here in Southern california close to the glendale area that does rear ends and doesnt charge you soo much, what are your experiences, thanks in advance.