I had posted a thread on here a little while ago about my rear making some noise, and determined it was the passenger side wheel bearings. I replaced both of them an they were great...for one day until the new seals blew out. So I went to NAPA and got a new set of wheel bearings and seals, and had to do the whole thing all over again. Well all was good until about 25 miles on the way home and it started to vibrate really bad, and I am getting the same noise I had before (sounds like a flat spot in tire) and now I can move BOTH of my wheels up, down, and side to side like nothing.!!!! I think NAPA gave me bearings with too big of an inside diameter, and I fear that I now need to replace my axles as well because they're probably scored. The car is my DD ad I have no other vehicle so I've had to drive it and now I'm ready to face the repercussions. Anyone think it could be anything else...It's really getting me down