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What was I thinking

This is a discussion on What was I thinking within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I was always a M6 guy and never thought in a million years that I would buy an LS1 with ...

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    What was I thinking

    I was always a M6 guy and never thought in a million years that I would buy an LS1 with an auto but I did. I dig it because can drink my quad shot latte and still smoke a Stang. I must be getting older, but stitting in traffic everyday of my life has made me appreciate the A4. I have found the performance I need in the A4, that I thought only possible with a M6, anyone else fell me on this?

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    No gramps I still prefer my manual.I' m old but I prefer to drive my car and not leave shifting to the slushy cammander. Quad-shot anythings don't even belong in a car auto or manual IMO.

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    I rowed the boat for many years, and I like the performance abilities of the manual. But I would not trade my A4 for an M6, not in a million years.

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    Unless you are in racing mode 24/7, an automatic is sweet, especially in rush hour traffic. To each his own. There is very little performance drop-off. No need to apologize to anyone.

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    No....I ain't 'whitchu on dat... I am a Granpa and I love my M6. This is my 1st V8 vehicle with a manual trans. Oh, I've drivens sticks all of my adult life but the were 4 cylinder Mazda's or Rotary engined Mazda's. And besides, my other 2 cars are automatics('99 Seville STS and my '91 454-SS pickup).
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    Quote Originally Posted by HAWKNYU
    and my '91 454-SS pickup).
    Nice!! I had a 92 but with a 350....loved that truck

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