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vibration increases with speed under heavy accel.

This is a discussion on vibration increases with speed under heavy accel. within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey guys, im new to the forum but im on my 3rd LS1 '98 Camaro Z28 and ive grown fanatical ...

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    vibration increases with speed under heavy accel.

    Hey guys, im new to the forum but im on my 3rd LS1 '98 Camaro Z28 and ive grown fanatical about these cars over the years and im trying to make this particular car perfect so help with this issue would be great....if i mash the gas at 70 or so and it climbs to 80, then 90, then 100.....110...and so on, i feel like the driveshaft has a vibration some where or something.... like it vibrates as its turning and you can feel it...idk...ive thought about maybe 3rd gear is vibrating but you can almost feel it on the tail shaft of the tranny or something...idk what it is.....any ideas or common mounts or anything that need replacing?

    (Car has SLP intake, K/N filter, LS6 intake, 3 bar maf, cat-deletes,EGR and full emissions delete, 900cc battery, E3 plugs, SLP 160 stat, a/c belt delete, SLP stage 2 "loud-mouth" cat-back, 17" ZR1 rims-9.5w-10.5w, 3.42 Auburn posi, ALL sythetic fluids-otherwise stock)

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    Have you checked your trans mount and u-joints?
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    ^^^^ ditto^^^^
    My ride is a 2002 Camaro SS SLP #3296 with 30k, LTH, 3" Y, CME, Frost tune, K&N, ported TB, Blackwing lid, Bellows, MSD, Denso Iridium, and 85mm MAF, Bilsteins, Eibach springs, SLP strut brace, Adj. Panhard, TA Girdle, UMI, Pro 5.0, Nitto NT555
    My wife has a 2004 GTO with the rare SAP, 18" wheels, K&N Cold Air System, MSD, Ported TB, Frost tune, Denso Iridium, Flowmaster cat-back, 3200 Yank, 75k

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    You could also be feeling a stutter if you are "mashing" it in 6th gear. Your car doesn't have enough ass to push it forward all too well in 6th at those speeds. Otherwise, I'd suggest what was mentioned; u-joint and transmission mounts.

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    U-Joints !

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    Just another thought here, but I'd also check the balance on your wheels/tires, too. I had a vibration pop up not too long after I bought my car that was fairly pronounced when driving it at highway speeds. A trip to my tire shop turned up a bad right front tire. Something to consider, at least. As mentioned above, I'd look at U-joints, also.
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    Alrighty, Thanks guys...i really appreciate the feed back! I'll throw in a set of new U-Joints and a poly' trans mount and ill get back at ya

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    You might inspect the driveshaft as well, and make sure it's still in balance.

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    My bet is on a tire out of balance seeing it doesn't go away. Check for junk stuck inside the wheels and tire treads.

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    Why are you going to just change the joints, that may not even be the problem at all............

    Why would tires only have a issue under load, tires don't change under load ??????

    Look at the torque arm make sure it is tight, no broken bolts or anything loose.

    Check the mount, it seems as if only under hard use you get a issue (since you ONLY said when MASHING the gas leading us to believe you have NO issue anytime else) and only under hard use will anything driveline related change.


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    u joints or possibly the nut that hold the rearend yok on and gears tight could be loose enough to cause a vibration.

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