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Symptoms of bad gear install ?

This is a discussion on Symptoms of bad gear install ? within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; What are your guys toughts ? Here is my situation...My best time at the track was a 14.1 at 99.xxxmph, ...

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    What are your guys toughts ? Here is my situation...My best time at the track was a 14.1 at 99.xxxmph, with all bolt on's like lid, K&N, 80mm MAF, Under drive pullies etc. So this is where it gets intresting, I add a new LS6 intake manifold, electronic cut out, SFCs, DRs, and MOTIVE 3.73s...Go to the track...14.4@97.xxxmph was my best time ??? Ok so I start to troble shoot what could be wrong...I changed the intake manifold so I figure something might be going on there so I go and get my computer tuned...Get that done and head back up to the track...14.4 no change ? So I take it to a machanic and he says its my MAF telling the computer to dump to much fule in the car, so we change the MAF back to the stock one...So take the car home and let it sit for a day and take it out for a little drive...From a dead stop I punch it and it starts to wined up and accelrate really slow...It gets to its shift point, IM IN AN A4, and just bounces off of the rev limiter until I get out of it ??? This is where im at now...Im going to get my computer re tuned but I have a feeling that my gears are the problem because it seems like after it shifts out of 1st the power loss starts to kick in...Is this possible could my gears have hurt my performance ??? I have thought of everything that could be wrong and I keep coming back to the gears...Let me know what your thoughts might be...
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    Yep thats about where im at

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    Wow what elevation are you at? I can't see any rational reason where 3.73 would slow you down but the speedo needs to be reset to assure the proper shift points. Does that car miss any? See if you can't find a diagnostic scanner (not code reader) and see if theres anything like misfires etc going on. check and make sure you have no leaks or unplugged wires etc as well.

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    Im at 5800ft, but my speedo was reset right when I put the gears in and I hooked it up to LS1edit and checked for everything, we had to lean it out and messed with the shift points, and it never has missed ? and I have been in the engine bay looking from top to bottom to see if anything was un pluged and nothing was...

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