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strange clutch pedal issue

This is a discussion on strange clutch pedal issue within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; ok, i've got a strange clutch pedal thing going on. every morning when i back out of the garage, the ...

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    strange clutch pedal issue

    ok, i've got a strange clutch pedal thing going on. every morning when i back out of the garage, the clutch pedal engages really low. then when i go to first, sometimes i have to lift the pedal with my toes and pump it a couple times to get it back to normal.

    sometimes the pedal will release at a normal (about half way it starts to grab on the clutch and stuff) and be fully engaged by the time the pedal is all the way out.

    if you hold the clutch pedal down in traffic, it will release just off the floor and the pdeal will hang up half way and you have to lift it with you toe. it shift into the next gear fine, and i dont have any problems getting in into 1st gear or reverse.

    also, the clutch fluid will be black and nasty after about a week. i use the "Range" method to change the fluid at the resivor avery weekend.

    is my clutch master cylinder going out? is it possible my slave? or is my clutch just on its last leg?

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    Definitely sounds like a slave issue. Maybe master, but more likely slave. Your clutch is probably not the problem. BUT, it would be a good time to go ahead and have it replaced as well, as either way you have to back out the tranny. I recommend the LS7 kit if you're under ~450hp

    I replaced EVERYTHING at about 100k, new slave, master, pilot bearing, LS7 kit. Sitting at 203k now with absolutely no issues.

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    i agree, might as well replace it all while you have the tranny out.

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