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Stall or not to Stall

This is a discussion on Stall or not to Stall within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have a few mods to my 02 WS6 auto and i have been told to put in a stall. ...

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    Stall or not to Stall

    I have a few mods to my 02 WS6 auto and i have been told to put in a stall. I am not very fimilar with them. Can someone please explain exactly what it will do for the car and how it works. Also what kind of stall would you reccomend?

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    a stall

    a stall will allow u to bring the rpm of the engine up to the stall rpm...say 3200(recommended)..when ur car revs up to 3200 it unloads the power from the torque convertor...

    so when ur stopped...hold ur brake slightly rev to 3000 light turns green nail it let off the brake and ur engine is at 3200 wanting to haul ass..

    this doesnt mean-
    that say ur at a red light...ur rpm dont have to go to 3200 before it can still maintain all driving ability...ur car will drive through the stall..

    great example is ur stock 1500
    try it...
    so when u get in ur car put it in drive let off the brake the car moves and will below 1500
    get in ur car and hold the brake the car wont move, but when it gets to 1500 it unloads and then preloads your suspension...or will spin..

    go with a 3000 stall
    3200 great.

    any higher may limit driving ability..
    any higher than 3800 is mainly for strip perpuses
    hope this helps

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    Plus with a stall when you go WOT your RPM's wont drop below the stall speed at all. I have a 3600 and when I nail it it never goes below 3800, soon as it changes gears you are already at or above your stall speed and where the power is at. You'll never realize how much faster a car is even stock just by staying in the power band. Best mod to date so far including the cam, 4.11, and tune.

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    Mine is a 4000, no driveability problems. Would be over kill for a stock application. Mine has 800rpm of rev extension, however my revs don't drop below 5500 on shifts.

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