I dunno if I'm just being paranoid or what.

But it seems like theres some slack somewhere, I wouldnt think the 3.8 could put enough power through a 4L60E to do any damage. I have fun in it, but nothing crazy, no burnouts or donuts or anything like that.

It just seems like recently, when I step on the gas, the RPM's go up higher than usual to get the same acceleration rate. 2000 RPMs is still 60MPH. but it seems like im running it up to 3000RPMs under normal driving condition, and I seem to remember only going to about 2500. It's like its taking the rear end longer to catch up with the motor. I also don't scratch the rear tires as often as I used to.

I don't have any definite slipping so i think that either some of my bands are getting loose, or my torque converter is going out, something.

Also, at certain RPM's, but only on certain occasion i get a resonating sound in the cab, like my truck used to do with Flowmasters. as a certain RPM its loud as shit inside. But on the camaro I have a factory exhaust, and like i say, it does it at random times, usually about 3000 RPM's.