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Somebody Please Help

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    Unhappy Somebody Please Help

    I posted a bit back and got only one response and now my problem seems to have gotten worse... My car will light them up and do a very long burnout which is totally cool. The problem (aside from the bald tire) is that it is now almost completely on the passenger side. When I posted this question a while back the only person who responded said this is because the traction is being dispersed evenly. If that was the case it should be spinning on both sides. It used to do a decent burn and leave nice twin strips of melted rubber about 15-30 feet long. Now it will do a burnout at WOT over 80-100 feet long (I measured) only on the passenger side. I had a hopped up Monte Carlo SS that didn't have a posi and I'm smart enough to know that when you are putting down 300+ hp you will roast the single tire until you lift the throttle. The back end only kicks out if the traction is poor and then it will fishtail all over the place just like it used to on a dry surface. Before it used to get a bit sideways at the 1-2 shift and now it just burns right through the shift with no "getting out of shape."

    There is no play in the rear, when you jack up the rear and spin the tires they still spin in the opposite directions. Could there be any clutches or bands in there that could be worn out?? It doesn't make any noises and doesn't whine. On top of that the garage I take my car to put it up and inspected it and told me "everything is just fine..." PLEASE HELP as I now commute 1 to 1 1/2 hours into Atlanta everyday and I would hate to get stuck with a busted rearend in the middle of I-85...

    Thanks to anyone who responds.

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    you may be right,in 98 they still had the diff. with the clutches inside.i believe that you can have this checked out,from what i remember is that you have a torque spec of how much it takes to turn the wheel & make the clutches slip,this is done on each wheel individually.if your clutches are gone,i'dfind a torsen unit to replace it with before i would replace those clutches,then you wouldn't have to worry about that anymore.they started putting torsen diff's in in 99,they have gears that intermesh instead iof clutches,its really the way to go.or better yet,you could just replace your complete rear end with a torsen rearend from a salvage yard cheaper than repairing that old unit.just look @ your rpo codes ,or better yet,look @ your gears to see what ratio you have ,& call around.but make sure you see that the rear end you have has 1 or 2 abs sensors,dont get stuck with a rear end that you cant use because it doesn't have the right abs connections.i believe your 98 only has 1 on top of the center housing,but some have 2,1 on each wheel,on the backing plate.if you need 1 & dont have any luck,you can give these guys a call,they are on ebay & have a great warranty & price:"cleveland pick-a- part",is there ebay store,their seller name is: "pick a part".good luck
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