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Setting up my 9 Inch

This is a discussion on Setting up my 9 Inch within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; So, I've blown out two, count 'em two 10 bolts and I'm done with the weak pieces of sh*t. A ...

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    Exclamation Setting up my 9 Inch

    So, I've blown out two, count 'em two 10 bolts and I'm done with the weak pieces of sh*t. A friend of mine is willing to give me his nine inch out of a '69 Ford Cougar for FREE. All I have to do is pull it. I guess I need to know about how much it's going to run me to have someone set it up to go under my '02 TA.

    Some of my buddies have said that I'm better off just buying a ready to mount 12 bolt, and not spend the money trying to mess with the ford nine inch, but I like the idea of being about to do a third member swap in a jam.

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    It is extremely difficult to fab a 9" houseing for our f-body with the torque arm mount. Your best bet is to buy a Moser houseing and axle package for $1000 and then reuseing the third member from your buddies unit. TRUST ME on this one.
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    You can fab the 9 inch to work in the 4th gen, it's not rocket science although it does take a little skill,,,all the parts are made to do it.

    I've done a few...

    Currie makes the torque arm bracket, that welds/bolts to the 9 inch,,,,(same thing Moser and Strange are doing anyway so to speak)

    From there you would have to do one of two things. Buy new control arm and spring mounts,,,or cut your old ones off your exsiting 10 bolt. They take a little modifying to fit the larger tube diameter of the 9 inch but it's not a big deal.
    You will need an angle finder and take alot of measurements in order to get the brackets mounted in the correct locations. Takes a little time but if done properly it works fine. You may also have to narrow the housing,,,requires a jig to reweld the ends on,,,and have your axles shortened and resplined (which used to be cheap) but now aftermarket axles are affordable...
    Cheap way to get into a 9 inch...

    Keep in mind this is nothing new. People were doing this for years with 3rd gens long before Moser/Currie/Strange came out with a drop in unit. Currie was the first to come out with a torque arm mount bracket to use on any 9 inch housing.

    Still a ton of home fabbed 9 inches out there at the strips.

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    Well, after tearing down the '69 Cougar rearend I found out it had been modified in the opposite direction I want to go. The locker had been taken out, and it had a really high gear in it. All I was able to save was the 3rd member case. So, I've ordered a Currie Axle, Housing package from Jegs, 4.56 gears, and a Detroit Locker. All of it will be in hopefully by Friday. I plan on using my stock breaks from my factory Rear-end for the time being. Am I missing anything?

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