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Rear end's posi is over..

This is a discussion on Rear end's posi is over.. within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Eatons are what I recommend when rebuilding rearends for people. It's what Gm used throughout the muscle car days of ...

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    Eatons are what I recommend when rebuilding rearends for people. It's what Gm used throughout the muscle car days of the 60's and 70's. A clutch style unit that is very easy to rebuild, and in the process you can change the type of clutch material and the preload spring pressures around,,,and make it as tight as you like with virtually no slippage.
    Out of the box brand new ones are pretty tight. Especially if you go with a pro series, with heat treated gears etc...

    Pinion seal can be a little tricky. It really depends on why it started leaking, sometimes the seal is at fault but more times than not,,,if the seal is leaking it's due to the pinion bearing possibly starting to go south. You can simply grab the yoke and see if you can move it in and out, up and down, etc...if you feel ANYTHING at all,,,the bearing preload has changed, which means the bearing is probably going out, and if the pinion is moving around at all the seal cannot do it's job.

    Requires complete disassembly. How complete is the setup kit you purchased. You are going to need a new crush sleeve and both pinion bearings. Some setup kits are partials that only come with shims for the carrier to setup backlash.
    The setup kits I use come complete with carrier bearings, axle bearings and seals, as well as pinion bearings and seal, crush sleeve, pinion nut, cover gasket, and in some cases, new ring gear bolts.

    If the pinion bearing was bad,,,,not only does that pass alot of trash throughout the rearend and cause havick on the other bearings,,,it also means the pinion gear was moving around,,,and if the car was driven for any length of time it's possible it ruined the ring gear pattern as well.
    In most cases you can reuse the ring gear, but if the pattern has been altered you may get some ring gear noise when it's all done. Only way to fix that is a new ring and pinion set.
    I don't mean to scare you with all this,,,,just giving you a heads up on some things that you might run into.

    Setting up the rearend from scratch with new gears is time consuming and takes a few special tools. Pinion depth measuring device is one major tool used,,,that can be picked up for as cheap as $100 or so. Better ones cost quite a bit more. A magnetic base dial indicator is also a big help for setting backlash. An inch pound wrench is also needed to set proper bearing preload on the pinion bearings, usually around 25-30 inch lbs. for new bearings. Also you will need proper preload on the carrier bearings while setting up backlash.
    If you are reusing the original gears, you may be able to reinstall the pinion with the original shims and be ok. Once you set the back lash check the gear pattern and make sure all is well. Adjust if necessary.

    Sometimes people get lucky on the first try,,,and there are people out there that claim they install new gears with the old shims and throw it together without any of the special tools with no problems. Thats all well and good if your that lucky,,,but I prefer to set things up meticulously with everything to spec, maybe a little on the tight side to compensate for wear. Enough babble,,,,hope it all works out for you,,,Larry.

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    2004 CTS-V

    Very nice write-up!

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    I purchased an installation kit that had everything you listed except "wheel bearings."

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    Sounds good,,,,thanks for the kudos, I just hope it is helpfull. Larry.

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    In 99 they did change over all F-bodies to the Torsen-Zexel type. Maybe an early production model with the earlier rear end?
    I had a 98 with a posi-clutch type. Different driveability and what not. The torque sensing type (in my 02) is fun on road course sports car type driving where you can steer the rear end around with the gas pedal. Drawbacks are if one wheel has no traction at all (like ice or dirt)it will spin like an open type. Had a couple of incidence where this was a problem. Still-I like the torque sensing type fine, it really locks up when it's needed.
    The clutch type is more predictable as it is always doing the same thing, however it can slip. Setting the clutch packs up tighter would cure this, but may cause driveabilty problems in the rain or snow.

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