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Rear End Question

This is a discussion on Rear End Question within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; hey so its been almost 5k miles drivin on a howling rear end i just had it checked and all ...

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    Rear End Question

    hey so its been almost 5k miles drivin on a howling rear end i just had it checked and all the bearings were fine except the differential he said it smelled burned does that mean its toasted? he said i need a whole new rear end i was like whoa dont have money for new rear end he tried to sell me a used one for $800 is that a good price? and do i need a new rear end nothing is broken at all and the car runs great just a howling sound should i just replace my differential? i heard our cars just start howling out of nowhere but i never changed my gears still have stock 3.42

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    I replaced my posi with a Eaton HD rebuildable one and drove it hard as anyone can drive for 30,000 miles. The last 3,000 miles were on MT ET Street Drag Radials with over 400RWHP. It's an A4. I swapped it out for my 12-bolt in the Spring and sold it. It's still running strong in a M6 SS camaro that's putting down I think about 440 RWHP. If you buy a used rearend, you can get them all day long for $200-$300 here in Florida, but, they're usually high-mileage and there's no gaurantee it's not in the same shape yours might be in. I'd start saving for a 12-bolt, however, they're a little noisy. I wouldn't pay over $500 for any 10-bolt. Just drive the shit out of the one you have and get a second opinion on it's condition from a shop who is not trying to sell you a used one. The dealerships have certified rearend/drivetrain guys who can measure and evaluate to ensure it meets factory specs. If they say it's good, drive it.

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    He's trying to sell you what he has. I seriously doubt your rearend is beyond rebuildibility. Mine howls like hell and I just ignore it. Thats what launching on slicks at 5,000+ does. You could definately buy a used one for much less than $800 like ^said. A rebuild kit is maybe $120 and new gears like $200. Shouldn't need anything more than that.

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