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Rear End Play?

This is a discussion on Rear End Play? within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; ok here's what i was wondering and i should know this cause im certified but anyways. ok when you jack ...

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    Rear End Play?

    ok here's what i was wondering and i should know this cause im certified but anyways. ok when you jack up the rear end where the rear wheels are off the ground and you grab a wheel by the edges and pull in and out. i can do this to both rear wheels and there seems like alot of play like a 1/4 in per side and when the car is on the ground and when u shake the car from side to side there is a clunking noise(from the rear end)...this is normal isn't it or am i wrong. i am having driveability problems and recently found out that my rack was bad as well as the torque arm bushing but i am wondering if this is contributing to my car handling like sh$t

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    There will be some end play in the rearend. about what you claim,any more than that and you may have some thing wrong with it.But if that's all it have I douth if there is anything wrong with it.

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    factory end play on the axles is 1/8inch max...but most i seen read 1/8 to 1/4 inch.usually the c clips are worn(from abuse IE doing donuts) if the reading is higher than 1/8 inch.Also i seen the reading high if the cone clutches are worn on auburn type carriers.The clunking you hear is normal even from new.

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    guarantee the auburn style posi is worn out. the cone wears into the case and gives excessive clearance between the side gear and the pinion pin. just pulled mine out. it did the same thing. axle end play should be 1/8 or less. heres how you fix it... Install a Eaton. they're a clutch style and can be rebuilt easily as compared to having to replace the complete auburn. it says something about their quality when the factory offers a 4 year exchange replacement. you get what you pay for. the Eaton is a little more, but well worth it if you have to rebuild!

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    What year did the Z28 change from a clutch type limited slip to the other Torsen?



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