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Rear end noise, but different than others

This is a discussion on Rear end noise, but different than others within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I've had this noise since I bought the car. Only sometimes when tunring slowly (like pulling into a parking space) ...

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    Rear end noise, but different than others

    I've had this noise since I bought the car. Only sometimes when tunring slowly (like pulling into a parking space) I hear a clunk clunk noise in the rear end and sometimes feel a little movement (slight shimmy). I also hear this sometimes in reverse when turning. Is this normal?


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    NO it isnt normal and that rearend is about to take a huge shit on you. Your locker unit is about to go south, or allready has. I had this same problem a few years back on my first M6 and about 2 days later after I heard the exact thing youre hearing it completely broke. The differential wouldnt engage at all. I highly recommend getting that thing to a shop ASAP before you end up stranded somewhere.

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    Hmm, I made a post about this before but had no answeres. I've had this noise for a while now. It only happens when I'm in reverse or random times when I'm just starting off(maybe I only hear it then). Pisses me off, because I was a damn moron and didn't test drive the car before I got it and I paid way to damn much for it, especially with the problems I'm having with it.

    When going in reverse and you hear the noise, does it feel almost as if your exhaust system fell and you're pushing up against it as you're going backwards?

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    You might try to put some limited slip additive. It's possible that you may have a differential that requires it, and if so, it will do exactly like you described without it. The zexel rear ends don't require it, but you may have an auburn that does.

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    If you have a Torsen diff this noise while turning is normal. Called the "can of marbles" noise. I wouldn't worry about it. Mine did it brand new.
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