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rear end noise

This is a discussion on rear end noise within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Everyone, I've got a 98 TA M6 and had a 4.10 gear put in. Everything is fine up untill 50mph ...

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    rear end noise

    Everyone, I've got a 98 TA M6 and had a 4.10 gear put in. Everything is fine up untill 50mph and up in 5th or 6th gear. When I'm coasting its quiet but when I'm on the gas you here it. I haven't checked the fluid level yet and I'm not sure what kind they put back in it. But I changed it once before the install and went with red line 75/90 non syn with a bottle of additive. Could a change in oil make a difference? Also, I have the adj.Spohn torque arm that doesn't mount on the tranny and I have heard you will hear some more noise from this, could this have anything to do with it or could my pinion angle be off? Why would it only do it when I'm on the gas and not when coasting? Is it just a bad install or just the gear?

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    I have motive 4.10's and they whine between 50-70mph. Have since the day I got them installed. Backlash should be set around .008" i hear, who knows what mine are set at. I tried a thicker oil and nothing, i'm ready to put some saw dust in it...

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    yea bro i had richmond 3.73's and they would make a bunch of noise but they did get the job done. if you feel the rear end moving from side to side or excess vibration i would be very concern'd. my 95 z28 was all messed up but it wasnt whining it just made a bad grinding sound. but it seems like ur alright though.

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    many people have had noise problems with diff gears. the noise you're talking about could be from the ring and pinion going bad or other factors. and yes a t/a and/or lca's will make the rear end howl a lot more then usual. it's hard to answer a question like this, so just check up on it.

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    Thanks everybody, I'm going to check my fluid level today and then change it if it wasn't low. While I'm under there I'll check my pinion angle (according to how sphon says to). Then I may even go with a t/a that mounts up like the factory.

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    I have AAM gears which I got from SLP. I had them installed at the dealer where I work. I have the same noise between 50-70 and yes it is worse with LCA's, a Torque Arm or Pahard Rod with hard bushings.I put all my stock arms back on and it's just above tolerable. I changed to Amsoil Severe Gear 90W-140 and it's no better. I'm told by those who say they know that possibly the ring and pinion are setup to tight. I am half tempted to have them done again or just go ahead and get a Mosier, and HOPE that it is set up right.
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    I have 4.10 gears with the 6-speed in my car as well, models in avatar.

    I get gear whine at certain times, not exactly sure what speeds though as I wasn't really paying that much attention. I think its normal, as I've heard many cars with posi rears and aftermarket gears whine like that.

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    I have invested alot of money into rebuidling my rear end due to a pinion seal which resulted in my entire rear end having to be rebuilt b/c they over tightened the pinion... the seal then started to leak due to a loosened yoke and crush sleeve... my point is that after I initially had the rear fixed I have had constant problems with the whine and like the post says its only when I'm on the gas... and its even more annoying b/c it can sometimes be louder than my exaust. I had a friend look at the breather at the top and there was a brake line crushing it and now I'm looking into the cause. It seemed that the whine went down quiete a bit after that but it still howls in that 50-70 range. I also just opened the rear end up and it was soo full fluid was coming out from the plug. I also had a dealer look at it and they said it was fine.. I guess its something we have to put up with

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